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    Axelar builds secure communication between every chain. Flipside creates free access to the most comprehensive data in Web3. Together, they're a builder's dream toolkit.

    Add the $35k grand prize of the Flipside x Axelar Build-a-thon, and it's the perfect launchpad for that project idea you've been putting off.

    Here's what you can get!

    There's a lot for you and your team to walk away with

    Compete for grand prize of $35,000

    Category winners receive $5,000

    Every qualified submission receives $500

    Get your project in front of the grants committee

    Get access to the best data in Web3

    Connect with builders and grow your team


    The goal of the Build-a-Thon is to support builders in expanding cross-chain ecosystems in Web3

    Participants should be focused on creating cross-chain applications that use Axelar Network for its secure interchain infrastructure. By building for a multichain world, builders can push boundaries and find solutions that aren't apparent when building for a single chain. Don't be afraid to get creative in building your “Web3 Super App”!

    A Web Super App should:

    • Be built with the end-user in mind
    • Be permissionless and interoperable
    • Lets users access anything in Web3 without leaving the app or signing transactions on any other chain

    What to Submit:

    • Link to your public GitHub repository
    • Link to your externally facing web-app
    • Video breakdown of your app (max 5-minutes)
    • Optional: future roadmap

    Judging Criteria

    How to Win the Grand Prize!

    Development Expertise

    Displays extraordinary technical know-how. We are looking for teams tackling challenging problems that are present when operating in a cross-chain world.

    UI / UX

    Building with the user in mind, the team displays a strong knack for design and the user experience. The app is easy to use and the user is guided through it intuitively. Marketing clearly depicts the value proposition of a one-click user experience.


    Bringing users into a cross-chain world requires creativity and originality. We will value unique solutions to old problems and those that re-write the crypto narrative altogether.

    Total Addressable Market

    We hope builders create tools people want to use. High marks in this category will be given to teams that are building apps that will bring new people into the space.


    Meet Our People


    Jacky Yuan


    James Friel

    Business Development

    Foivos Antoulinakis



    Connor Flanagan

    Protocol Advocacy

    Howard Kogan

    Chief Operating Officer

    Angela Minster

    Senior Data Scientist

    Omkar Bhat

    Lead Software Engineer


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    NFTs & Gaming

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    Code of Conduct

    This event is a Build-A-Thon intended for collaboration and learning about cross-chain technology. All participants are expected to show respect and courtesy to other participants in Discord and across all mediums on which the Build-A-Thon is hosted. To make clear what is expected, all participants of this Build-A-Thon are required to conform to the following Code of Conduct.

    During the Build-A-Thon we prohibit:
    • Malicious comments or content directed towards other participants or members of the Flipside or Axelar communities
    • Cheating of any kind
    • Any activity related to harassing, demeaning, mocking, or intimidating others
    • Examples of other prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to:
      • Stalking
      • Unwanted sexual attention
      • Use of sexualized content

    If a participant fails to comply to our code of conduct or any request to stop an activity by the Build-A-Thon team, they will be asked to leave the event immediately.

    If you feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way, or believe there to be a violation of the Code of Conduct taking place, please reach out to any member of the Flipside team via Discord or send an email to [email protected].